Case study
Tyl by Natwest
As the UK's largest business and commercial bank, NatWest recognized the importance of acquiring for merchants. They established merchant services with a distinct brand, showcasing NatWest's commitment to enabling innovative payment acceptance for SMBs.

Recognizing the need for collaboration, NatWest partnered with a processor for best-in-class processing and terminal management. However, they realized that neither the processor nor internal bank resources alone could create differentiating front-end capabilities in the market.
Pollinate's role
Pollinate stepped in to establish a bank branded self-service portal, digital onboarding, and value-added services. Through Pollinate’s EaaS offering, NatWest continually innovated, introducing features like pay by link, tap on glass, and accounting package integrations. 

After 5 years, NatWest became the fastest-growing U.K. bank acquirer, with a Trustpilot score of 4.7 out of 5, the highest in the UK. 
Natwest Mockup Screenshot
Natwest onboarding screenshot
Client: Natwest
Project: Launching a new merchant services business
Tyl by NatWest experiences built in partnership with Pollinate reiterates our commitment to harnessing the revolution in new technologies so that our customers can remain focused on growing their businesses.
Chief Executive of NatWest Group PLC 2019-2023