Case study
National Australia Bank
NAB, one of Australia's top four financial institutions, aimed to modernize merchant services through the Merchant Portal, Customer Service Portal, and value-added services. This transformation aimed for cost efficiencies and improved user experience. 

Recognizing the potential within their business banking customer base, NAB sought to integrate services within their own channels.
Pollinate's role
Pollinate seamlessly integrated with NAB's systems, offering modular UI/UX tailored to backend processes. This flexibility allowed NAB to modernize its technology while ensuring a consistent customer experience. 

The integration included deploying a merchant services experience within online banking with Single Sign-On (SSO), streamlining merchant management without multiple logins. 

This integrated experience enables easy payment reconciliation between business banking and merchant accounts. 

The partnership continues to innovate, introducing market-leading features like "tap on glass," allowing merchants to accept payments via mobile phones, facilitated by Pollinate's platform and unified UX.
NAB Mockup Screenshot
NAB Platform Dashboard
NAB Merchant Photo
Nab Logo
Client: National Australia Bank
Project: Digitizing an existing merchant services business
We are innovating in our core business to make banking simpler and easier for our customers and colleagues, while also exploring more revolutionary products and models with partners.
Ross McEwan - Group Chief Executive Officer, National Australia Bank