Transactions and Reconciliation

The path to SME understanding and operational savings

Gives SMBs complete visibility on transactions, settlement and invoices.

The transaction and settlement feed from the Pollinate Platform allows data to be accessible and understandable for every business. 

Showing sales, settlement, and billing, our data feed allows a merchant to understand, analyze and manage their non-cash sales.

Real world challenges

“Worldpay is harder to figure out what charges are for which transactions”​

-Office Catering Business

Worldpay - Office Catering

Your choice of implementation

Giving SMBs one single data source for all digital payments

We give you the flexibility to deploy the power of insights however you see fit.

  1. Single feed for all digitally captured payments (regardless of scheme or type of transaction)
  2. All stores (online and offline) in a single place
  3. Complete transaction information (auth, clearing and settlement dates, and exceptions)
  4. Able to support any combination of settlement models including gross and net and in any combination of foreign exchange
  5. Complete fee transparency – compliant with PSDII directive, and including the application of relevant fees applied in a net settlement model

Plus, the ability to handle different frequencies of information (infrequent batch files to near real time feeds)

More technical details

The Pollinate Data Platform


a wide variety of data in any format or mechanism, from batch files to real time events.


and separates out confidential and other governed data types with encrypted privacy layers, ensuring that data can be safely used for new, innovative products and services.


new streams of valuable data – with the original data relationships intact – enabling complex new value added services to be created.

Delivering value for SMBs large and small

Reconciliation is a huge
pain-point for SMBs...
And a big driver of cost for a bank

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Transaction status

Providing clear and easy access to transaction data can reduce calls to the call centre by up to 30%.

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Queries regarding fees

One of the key drivers of customer service volume is simple requests for information relating to fees – but putting this information clearly in front of merchants this is reducing significantly.

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 Invoice and statement requests

Digitising and automating access to key business documents like invoices and statements.

Branded SME tools

Key Business Statistics
End to end traceability
Ease of Management

Key Business Statistics

At a glance business performance

  • Daily transactions (versus previous day)
  • Next settlement (versus previous)

Additional key statistics

  • ATV trends
  • New versus returning customers
  • Busiest times of day and days of the week

End to end traceability

Traceability on every transaction

  • Transaction status (approved, declined, pending)
  • Auth, clearing and settlement statuses and times
  • Settlement date
  • Fees
  • Other associated transaction information

Ease of Mangement

Easy to manage user profiles

  • Three in built user roles (admin, manager, employee)
  • Ability to configure access rights by store or by functionality
  • Simple interface to review who has access
  • Select the invoice you want, and immediately view or download it

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