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21 July 2020

New version of the Pollinate platform released

A new version of our platform was released this weekend. With four new features in total, our banks can now configure their pricing to offer many more configurations to merchants — and the choice of settlement models (both gross and net).

By Pollinate

We’re delighted to announce a new version of our platform was released this weekend. With over 170 code and feature improvements in this release, our partner banks can now offer their merchants gross or net settlement, and much more granular pricing, should they wish to.

In addition, our merchant portal can now be used as a communications tool by banks with the launch of “service announcements”. This helps reduce calls into call centres, reducing costs and improving the profitability of a bank’s acquiring business.

New Feature Highlights

Multiple pricing models — this feature enables banks to implement different pricing strategies when defining rates and charges during onboarding.

Multiple settlement models — the Pollinate Platform now has the capability to support gross and net settled merchants.

Surcharging — this enables banks to add a percentage and/or a per transaction charge to specific transactions (e.g. card not present) in addition to the normal MSC (merchant service charge) rate that is applied.

Service announcements — this gives banks the ability to create and schedule service announcements which will be visible on the merchant portal as information banners – everything from Covid-19 updates to key product announcements.

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