It's time for data to transform club performance

Every club can now delight commercial sponsors and partners, deliver a superb fan experience, and have the insights they need to grow revenues

Sports fans - pollinate live

Enabling Next Generation Club Performance

The connected economy, the rise of social media and fast growth of tech-enabled, ‘digital first’ startups is transforming the expectations of fans for a more multi-channel and on-demand sporting experience. Running slightly counter to this, especially with COVID, there has also been a greater appreciation for live events and experiences that cannot be replicated online. The successful clubs of the future will therefore need to combine the best of both, and that can only be done with the data to understand offline and online fan behaviour.

Pollinate Live not only combines the attractive features of loyalty, payment insights, fan experience and rewards, it adds in a powerful additional payments data source in the form of NatWest card issuer data. This makes Live more powerful and more insightful than any other solution on the market.

360° Club + Fan View

Built using bank-grade cloud technology, the data platform combines multiple sources of data to give clubs better understanding of fan behaviour and their value to the club.

Simple, yet powerful insights

Driving club performance

Commercial decision making can be transformed by accessing and understanding multiple views of club and fan performance

Closing the data gap

Pollinate Live comprises a data platform, club insights portal and a fan app, that are designed to close the data gap for clubs, enabling better decisions to positively impact revenue and the fan experience.

Fan app experience
Club dashboard
Data platform

Fan app experience

A new way for fans to engage with their club and express their loyalty:

  • Fan engagement
  • Loyalty
  • Commercial opportunities

Club dashboard

  • Leverage data to improve fan engagement
  • Insights and evidence to drive revenue
  • Analytics to ensure better decision making

Data platform

  • Makes club’s data more accessible Insight & oversight of performance 360° fan view
  • Underpin commercial decisions (increase value of sales and sponsorships)

The Fan App

A better experience for fans is a cornerstone of Pollinate Live, facilitated by a fan app which enhances loyalty, communications and convenience

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