Our unique platform
is key to unlocking
the value of data

Benefits for bank, merchant and consumer

Driven by a powerful data/decisioning engine, we enable banks to provide compelling experiences for SMB customers and consumers. Completely non-intrusive and with bank-grade security and privacy built in, with a choice of deployment paths, the Pollinate Platform enables banks to compete with fast moving fintechs, save costs and win market share.

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Banks get

…the ability to serve businesses more cost effectively than ever before, deliver digital experiences and realize the potential value of their data.

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Merchants get

…the ability to take and manage payments, manage and grow their business and access multiple services in one place – all from their bank.

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Consumers get

…a better experience from their local businesses, with app-powered rewards and offers to keep them coming back.

A digital toolbox for SMBs

Onboarding and account management
Transactions and reconciliation
Consumer and business insights

Onboarding and account management

Fast and engaging for bank customers

Our onboarding process delivers a quote in 90 seconds and the sign up process takes as little as 5 minutes. Our journey allows necessary checks (e.g., AML, Credit Risk) through APIs. These checks are customizable based on bank’s requirements.

A library of configurable components is used to assemble personalized onboarding journeys. Merchants benefit from digital onboarding, and the ability to switch between digital and assisted journeys.

Transactions and reconciliation

Multiple data sources in one place

  • All stores
  • Online and offline transactions
  • All digital transaction types
  • All schemes

Your SMBs get complete traceability on transactions and settlements, increasing transparency and reducing reliance on statements and call centres.

Consumer and business insights

Powerful data and analysis

Give your SMBs access to detailed data usually only available to large retailers.

ATV trends, revenue trends, historical comparisons and more.

With issuing data integrated, we enable small businesses to understand customer demographics, attitudes, and travel patterns.

Award Winning


Our unique platform unlocks the value of data

The Pollinate Data Platform works with any underlying infrastructure to ingest and transform multiple data sets from your bank and third parties – unlocking the power of your data and enabling the creation of valuable digital products

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Bank, issuer and acquirer data securely ingested from multiple data sources

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From overnight batch to real-time feeds, our data platform consumes data in the most common formats

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Separate Instance Per Bank

Cloud platform hosted in-region of the bank to facilitate local regulatory compliance

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Privacy at its heart

Built to comply with data regulation requirements using tokenization, obfuscation and segmentation

Your choice of implementation path

Simple implementation

The Pollinate Platform can be deployed however it suits our client banks: we can deliver a range of ‘ready to use’ bank-branded products; to provide configurable front ends for bank deployment; or simply output API feeds to integrate into their current infrastructure.

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